Bruce Merwin Shooting at Fort

Quality Video Production in St. Augustine

Bruce Merwin Films offers full-service professional filming and editing in St. Augustine. Located downtown since 2010, we are accessible and easy to find. We're small enough to give personalized attention to your project.

Our video services include:

  • High-definition professional video shooting--in our studio or on location in the St. Augustine area
  • Final Cut Pro editing
  • Professional lighting
  • Sound recording with high-quality microphones
  • Small insulated stage area with green screen available

No Charge for Consultations

Whatever kind of video you need, give us a call. We've done most everything!

  • Events
  • Crowdfunding
  • Video memoirs
  • Memorial tributes
  • Music videos
  • Much more

We'd be happy to hear about your project. Call to schedule your free consultation.


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